Bespoke Lampshades
"Made by us to live in your home"

A lampshade can transform a room. Choose a big statement piece in bold fabric to catch the eye.
Brighten up a plain room with a real 'wow' shade in bright colours.
Add some character to a room that is lacking in personality. Or just inject a bit of fun with something that is not permanent.
And all at a fraction of the cost of redecorating.
If you are renting a property a new lampshade is the perfect way to add your own style, especially if you are unable to decorate.

We can custom make a round or oval lampshade in any size from 20cm circumference up to 1m across.
Our lampshades work well for pendant light fittings, table lamps, bedside lamps and the small ones can be used for some wall mounted lights.

How it works:
You supply your own fabric, if you'd like to match existing furnishings, or choose from any of the fabrics listed on our website.
You tell us the dimensions you require and we custom make the lampshade for you within one week of receiving payment
and deliver it to you by post, carefully packaged.

I contacted Social Fabric regarding a large bespoke lampshade. From the first point of contact they were very helpful and extremely professional.
The lampshade was made beautifully and my client is extremely happy... This is what she said: '
The lampshade looks amazing in the space – it has really worked so thank you for your input on it...'," Marie Hewitt, Director, Individual Interior Solutions Ltd

If you would like to commission us to make a bespoke lampshade for you then please fill out the table below after reading these notes.
Once we have received your order we will call you to double check the information before making the shade.

Lampshade diameters are set - choose from one of the options in the table below.
The height of the shade can vary according to your taste.
We have listed the most common dimensions below,
which we normally work with and which give the shades really good, generous proportions.
However if you'd like a narrow
lampshade - perhaps if you have low ceilings - or a tall shade to fit a particular lamp base,
then we can easily accommodate
We can also use white or champagne coloured PVC in the inside of the shade, so please specify which you would prefer.